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Light wall panel prototype

Prototype almost assembled! Need to add the touch sensors and work on a better way to secure it-- I'm considering just welding the pieces since that seems to work well enough.

The newest Known release had a series of database upgrade SQL files, and these apparently had syntax errors! I was able to fix these and use them to "repair" my database. I finally got my entries recovered!

...export/import failed, but that's a new problem I can tackle ;]

Going to make a PR, but also had my confidence shaken a little bit... wanted this to be a hands off blog, but maybe I should use something a bit more "known" :P

Still can't seem to recover my old Known database. I either get schema errors or Known thinks it's an un-setup instance (depending on version I try to use). My guess is that it was somehow corrupted during my last 0.9.1->0.9.2 upgrade... I had a backup of the db pre-upgrade, but cannot seem to locate it (and may have been on a harddrive I re-purposed...).

Need to decide how much I want those posts in this new Known instance. The posts themselves are intact, and I've already extracted them as JSON (for potential use in anther webapp I was working on). Or, I can try and figure out what is wrong in my database, and how to fix the entries to have Known startup correctly.

Third times the charm for known??? However! I finally figured out my problems last time (and likely my irrecoverable database of old entries) was from too small buffers for fastcgi. Will need to see if I can recover them!